Sunday, April 15, 2012

No Way!!!

Today Ellyn tried to get her cereal out of the pantry. This is nothing new. She does it a few times a day. However, she had already had cereal for breakfast and as a snack and she needed to eat something else. I peeled a banana and started giving her bites, she took a few and wandered away. A few minutes later she was back, iPad in hand. She had gotten into her proloquo app and made it to food and was looking at her choices (we have only had pictures of what was available for snack during tutoring session up until now). She kind of dumped it on the counter when she didn't see her choice. I immediately loaded all the pictures of food choices we have on her "I want to eat" page. That smart little cookie! We had snack right then, giving her the choices she asked for- chips and oh, something... I can't remember.

From there I updated her fun activities page, including a picture of Ellyn on the tramp. When she headed towards the door I called her to me, she obeyed and came over and I asked her what she wanted to do. She pointed right to the picture of the trampoline, she hit it three times!!! Ellie Boo and I were out jumping in seconds! I'm so excited. I really hope we can get her to start instigating more often, that would be awesome.

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