Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ellie Hanging Out With Zoe

Ellyn is actually acknowledging this little girl far more than she ever has with Kujo, our grown cat. Tonight I came in from doing the dinner dishes to find Ellie looking at a Toy Story book on her iPad while Zoe lay curled up next to her. Occasionally Ellyn lays hers hand down on Zoe's back or pulls gently on her ear. The night before last Zoe was trying to play with Boo. Ellyn picked her up, gave her nose a smooch, and set her down farther away. That cute, clever, kid. I couldn't believe she was so affectionate. Normally Ellyn doesn't really give animals the time of day. She does show an interest in horses, and sometimes a dog. Kujo is always so gentle and patient with her when she does pay him a little attention. Most of the time it is only when she wants to pry his eyes open and stare at his pupils, poor cat. I wonder if Ellyn is influenced by the tiny little cuteness of this kitty? She really is pretty endearing. Either way, it's cool to see.

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