Monday, April 2, 2012

First Day of Spring Break

On Monday morning we got a text from our friend, Lindsey. It said something like "this is going to be our only sunny day this week. Let's get to the Cider Mill." So that was the plan for our first day of Spring Break, after everyone woke up of course.
Ellie and I were awake. We snuggled together and played on the family room floor, tickles, and blanket wraps.
It ended up getting warmer, but when we arrived at the mill it was blustery and chilly.

Sawyer lead Ellyn and I through this wooden fence maze. When Ellyn and I came out Ellyn played on a little mini tiny tots like playground. Her legs were at the bottom of the slide when her booty was at the top but she was having fun. Jane and I did a little tether ball with our friends. I even had a picture of Jane and Carrie playing that was so cute but my highly self critical daughter deleted it off of my phone. Sadie lead the rest of the kids in some version of Hunger Games. Nothing like 7 children acting out living in the wild and trying not to be killed:) They hung out, playing in the maze for half an hour. I love me some good imaginations!
We finally lured them away from the maze with the promise of seeing lots of baby goats!

Sadie and Sawyer were enthralled. Ellyn, not so much.
However, Ellyn was pretty intrigued by this fellow. He was gobbling like maybe his life depended on it. Ellyn thought it was pretty funny. She would have stayed there all day if we let her.

Is this guy handsome or what?

Oh my sweet Jane, all of her friends were gone for Spring Break. We chose to go nowhere for Spring Break. Mike just got home and I was just not ready to leave him again. We are working on getting our family back in sync after daddy being gone for seven months. Plus, I wanted to buy a good trampoline, something that would last much longer than one week (I know, memories last a lifetime, but that doesn't help with this particular argument). Luckily Jane likes our friends but it is incredibly tricky having a 15 year old and then three younger children, especially when there are many things we are limited on doing with Ellyn. Janie is a good sport. Oh, and she's beautiful too.

The day ended with turning on our blue lights for "Light It Up Blue" for autism awareness. My neighbor thought is was because I was trying to add a little disco to the neighborhood. I told her I already did that!
Sawyer wanted us to take this picture and post it. He is very in to taking pictures and videos right now and seeing how cute he is. I'm glad he's so self-assured. Hopefully that stays with him, along with a dash of humility!

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