Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Apple Today

This afternoon Ellyn stuck a piece of apple up her nose. My friend Jen was here with Ellyn and her tutor. I was making a milk and Honey Nut Cheerios run to Costco. Jen called to see if I had plastic tweezers anywhere. No. I called Jane and told her to start walking home from track. I rushed straight home and attempted to remove the apple from Boo's nose. I came close, couldn't do it. Left to take Sadie to piano after sending a quick text to my cousin's husband, Tony. He's a P.A. and also has a special needs daughter. He gets fun experiences like this too. Alas, Mike got home from work and got the apple out. Phew for that, that's what I always say. Tony called, in case you are wondering... you can't leave it in there. You can get a bacterial infection. He gave me some techniques my cousin has mastered. Nice to have those in my back pocket. Apple out, Ellyn happy. The End

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